LD01 Wideband Fuel Mixture Display

The LD01 was revised and significantly enhanced resulting in the LD02 display. The rest of this page describes the original LD01. Note: The LD01 was last sold in January 2005. For the kit version go to the LD01 kit construction guide page.

The Tech Edge LD01 is a 3 digit display calibrated to show AFR (or Lambda). It can be used with a number of wideband units including the WBo2 (version 2.0), the TE-WB (version 1.5), or the original Oz DIY-WB (version 1.0). It is based on the very popular TE-5301 unit and superscedes it. We designed LD01 to be very simple to build, high performance, and expandable.

LD01 Display - Click for Enlargment

The LD01 features :

  • Small size 84 wide x 54 high x 32 mm deep, see image
  • 3 digit Superbright GaAlAs LED readout plus 8 segment bargraph
  • Display auto-dims at night
  • Calibrated for use with the DIY-WB
  • 8.00 to 45.0 AFR range for unleaded
  • Optional RS232 output (~15 samples/sec at 19,200 baud)

The LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) sensor used for auto night dimming is shown on the left side of the face. The arrow on the right side of the face indicates the stoic region on the bar graph.

This image shows the LD01 with RJ45 cable attached. It is possible to replace the RJ45 connector with a DB9 - for use with a version 1.5 or 1.0 WB unit.

RJ45 cable
5301 Display with Cables

This image shows the 5301 with alternative DB9 cable attached. It is also possible to add an RS232 cable for limited data logging (used for version 1.0 compatibility)

Technical Information

The LD01 converts the voltage read from a wideband unit into a displayed AFR. The conversion curve is described here and covers the voltage range of 1.4 volts at the rich end, to 2.5 Volts as stoich, and to over 3 volts into the lean range.

It is possible for Tech Edge to supply custom versions of the LD01 that use a different curve for different equipment.


Refer to the LD01 kit construction guide page.

.. Note: this document is in production and is incomplete (9th July 2003) ....

S A F E T Y   W A R N I N G

Use of an air-fuel meter for tuning purposes represents a potential hazard to the safe operation of your vehicle. Use of any display device within a moving vehicle present a safety hazard. Be warned you should consider having an assistant when using this device.