Utility Software WButil (β6a)

WButil Is Tech Edge's latest configuration and utility software that replaces and extends a number of existing utilities including:

Downloading and installing WButil are covered at the end of this section. After starting the utility notice the title bar shows the software's version number and also the controller (or display) selected as well as the COM port used for communication.

General TAB

This is the General tab. It is used to select a number of parameters that are used throughout the utility. Primarily the COM Port must be set correctly to the port the wideband unit or the display is connected to. A controller may be connected directly via the RS232 adaptor, but a display must be connected via the display re-programming adaptor.

A USB-to-serial adaptor may be used on computers without a native serial port, but make sure the wideband unit is NOT connected when you power up the computer or else the wideband unit may be seen as a USB mouse rather than the intended wideband unit. First ensure you know which port is being used (the port will "appear" when you plug it into the USB socket) - then select that port. COM port and serial connection problems can be diagnosed here. Note : available COM ports are calculated on-the-fly each time you click on the drop down menu arrow, so if you plug-in/remove a USB to serial converter then this should be reflected in the list the next time you click the down arrow.

The [?] button to the left of the COM port selector is used to interrogate any wideband controller or display attached to that port. The device's version number string, and some simple commands that work for either a display only, or a wideband unit only, are used to determine what the device is. The device selection (described below) is automatically made based on that analysis. The status bar, at the bottom of the window, also shows parameters that are selected for the device.

The Stoich AFR value is also set here and is used in table programming (WB Tables) and other areas. You can type in the stoich value of your fuel or select a number of pre-defined fuels from the drop down menu. If you type a value that isn't in the menu you have the option of adding it permanently (the [Add] button becomes active) with a short description of the fuel. You can also permanently save this new definition (saved in file WBdata.ini)

There is a simple relationship between AFR and Lambda. AFR(stoich) is the AFR of the fuel at the stoich point (chemically complete combustion). Most AFR meters are really Lambda meters calibrated to read in AFR units. Also note that the Lambda to AFR conversion required to display AFR is performed in the display (or the display part of the meter). This means the display must be re-configured if the fuel is changed from the default of unleaded that has a AFR(stoich) of 14.7

Controller and Display sub-tabs

The Controller and Display types used should be set using the two tabs shown. Simple controller and display setting can be read/set here too, such as the sensor type used with the controller and also basic display settings like the stoich AFR mentioned above. More advanced setting may be set in other parts of this utility.

Controller Tab

The controller tab is quite simple as most controller programming is done on other pages (eg table programming) or free-air calibration). The sensor type used is set here. The sensor type determines the conversion of Ip (pump current) to Lambda. Different sensors have slightly different characteristics so it's important, for best accuracy, to select the correct sensor used.

Future versions of this utility will have more controller specific parameters that can be modified but remember that many parameters (like stoich AFR) are actually set in the display.

Display Tab

The display has a number of basic parameters that can be set here. Note that you should first read the controller to retrieve the values pre-programmed there - this is done with the [Read] button shown.

For reading and reprogramming, the display must be connected to a PC using an adaptor as shown at left. All reprogrammable displays are shipped with this adaptor and it allows power to be supplied to the display while being connected to a PC. The schematic for this adaptor is shown here although it may be easier to obtain a replacement adaptor if you have lost your original one.

Note that the display (or the controller) can be re-flashed to return it to the factory-set defaults.

When parameters have been changed they can be re-written to the display using the [write] button shown.

Download Latest WButil - 06itB (13 Oct. 2017) or 06it (29 July 2010)

On 13th Oct. 2017 we updated the initialisation files for WButil but the original .exe file (06it) has not been changed. Yes, there a some things that could be improved with WButil, but it basically works when the instructions for each function are followed. Just be careful that you don't interrupt reflashing and the free-air calibration process (and where possible, use the controller's free-air calibrate button rather than the software calibration).

Here's the installation file WButil06itB.zip containing files:

  • WButil.exe - Main application.
  • WButil.ini - general (default) start up configuration.
  • wsc32.dll - Serial Comms DLL (required always)
  • wbData.ini - Required for all but basic functionality (see note below).
  • dConf.ini - Required for display configuration.
  • WButil.hlp - Help file (note: when available! not in the Beta 06it release).
  • after the utility is run wUtil.ini will be created to save your last settings.
Simply extract all files into a directory (we suggest subdirectory TechEdge) or use a folder on your desktop. You then run WButil.exe from that directory. No specific installation is required and no de-installation either (simply delete all files in your nominated directory and all trace of WButil will disappear!). The windows registry is NOT used in any way directly by this utility - previous utilities (see below) did use the registry in a limited way. You may manually set up shortcuts to run the application. When you exit WButil your "environment" is saved and this same environment is restored when you start WButil again.

Here's the previous Beta 04a WButil04a.zip version in case of any problems with 06it/06itB. And here's the "previous" 06it version WButil06it.zip that was (superseded on 13 Oct 2017) that has a slightly different default initialisation.

Note : the file WBdata.ini and dConf.ini are included in the application's zip file. It contains important data and information defining many items used in the application. Only limited functionality will be available if this file is not available. Also, some user generated values may be saved in that file. It is mandatory that an updated wbUtil.exe requires an updated WBdata.ini file. The warning message shown is generated when the required file is not found in the application's startup directory.

Older Software

For a while we will keep the older versions of the following utilities (in case the new utility does not cover all possible (obscure) functionality) so please tell us if you find a function missing in wbUtil and we will add/fix it ASAP. Older utilities were written in VB-6 and although quick to write, they have a number of drawbacks we could not easily overcome. Also, we will no longer provide support for these utilities: