Palm Logging Software for WBo2

Please note : that this page is more for reference than an indication that we are actively working on this software. Some of the links may not work, or may refer to software or hardware we have updated. This page was last actively updated on 31 August 2005.

At the moment Jonathan Burchmore's FMDlog site is not accessible. You can obtain the last version 1.56 software (FMDlog.prc and copyright information) that works with version 1.5 frame types only. Jonathan has partially updated the sources for version 2.0 frame types, and the sources are available as a zip file.

At the moment (Q2 2005) there are a number of people working on native (version 2.0) PlamOS applications for WBo2 and I hope to update this page when something newer is available.

This document describes the hardware and setup you need to use both this software and future software versions planned to support the extra version 2.0 capabilities.

WBo2 to PDA Cable

The first thing you need is a special cable to connect the WBo2 unit to your PalmOS device. At right is shown a simple cable with an RJ45 modular jack for connection to WBo2, and a DB9P (male) for connecting to your PDA's RS232 serial adaptor.

Note that you also need the RS232 adaptor for your PDA, but you can modify some Palm USB HotSync cradles to add an RS232 capability (see later).

As indicated by the colour coding, the RJ45 modular jack is wired to the DB9 :

  • Command in (WBo2's Rx) 2--2 (PDA's Tx),
  • Data Out (WBo2's Tx) 3--3 (PDA's Rx), and
  • Common/Ground (WBo2's GND) 5--5 (PDA's SG = Signal Ground)

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WBo2 Setup for 1.5 Compatibility Mode

At the moment, all you need to do to use FMDlog (download version 1.56) is to set WBo2 to produce version 1.5 data frames using the following command sequences entered using hyperterminal running at 19200 baud, or the command mode available from the Calibration utility. More information on the commands entered below can be found here.

  • tf - Stops logging so you can see the results of commands.
  • s03e0 - Select 1v5 binary mode, used for v 1.56 Palm logging.
  • s04xx - Optionally change inter-frame delay, where xx is hex between 01 and 64.
  • w - Write the new 03 parameter to EEPROM memory as the default mode.
  • t1 - Start logging again (or turn WBo2 off and back on again).

Note : to return to version 2.0 mode use the s03e1 & w commands.

Adding RS232 to a USB HotSync Cradle

Although you can purchase a convenient serial cable for your Palm unit, you can modify an existing Palm USB HotSync cradle to add a Serial RS232 cable.