HXF (firmware) Files

This page contains the latest Tech Edge firmware in encrypted HXF file format. Files are copyright © Tech Edge and are free to be downloaded for use on any Tech Edge controller. Incorrect use can damage your display, your controller or the sensors connected to it! Note that HXF stands for HeX file Format, which is a slightly modified form of the Intel HEX file format.

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The FLASH utility upgrades the code (or flash memory) as well data memory (EEPROM memory). You only need to upgrade when features you need are added, or when fixes are released. Note : Some feature upgrades may require small hardware changes to make them fully operational.

Warning Note : Using the FLASH utility it is possible to swap between firmware for different Bosch LSU sensors and also to an NTK L1H1 sensor. It's almost certain you will also have to change jumper shunt settings for the controller to work properly with that sensor. If you don't then it's possible to destroy the sensor (heater overdriven and burns out), or to have inaccurate Lambda readings.

Note Carefully: When you reflash a controller, make sure other devices are removed. In particular make sure a display is NOT connected. We also recommend you disconnect any wideband oxygen sensors you have connected. Remember that when reflashing, the rescue-reflash operation should only be attempted when normal reflashing is unsuccessful. If normal reflashing is unsuccessful you should first determine why before trying a rescue operation. The most common reason for reflash failure is incorrectly configured COM ports. We suggest you confirm good communication with the device before attempting any reflash.

Download Latest HXF Files (as .zip)

The following table is composed of non-underlined links (eg.   0e62  ) to individual HXF files which are stored as .zip files so your browser doesn't get confused. You can also use your browser's right click and "Save Link/Target As ..." feature. A collection of HXF files for a device is also available (eg.  2B0 48 ). Also shown are Links to the main page for the device (eg. 3An/3En [new window]) and also pop-up image(s) showing the device shunt(s) (eg.  J3 ).

WBo2 sensor used
Units image Unit Page      ALL      LSU 4.2 LSU 4.9 NTK L1H1 Shunt(s)

WBo2 Units
current models

 3An/3En  3A/E 62/3   0e62     2e63     1e61     J3     J6  
  3B1   3B1 62   0B62     2B62     1B61t1     J3 & J6  
  3H1   3H1 62   0f62     2f62     1f61t2   W3,4 J5,6
  2C0B   xx62-3   8462     A463     1463     J4  
2D0/2D1 2D0 62   0662     2662   *1  n/a 2D0 2D1
2J1/2/9   xx62d     0762d     2762d    n/a 2J2/9 only
  2Y1     xx62-3     8062     A063    n/a λ module
  3M    n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a tba


  LA1     0238    
  LD02B     0139B1   fix: Shows correct view on view-LEDs (22 Mar '11)
  LD02     0138    
  LX1     0538    
LX2 (tba)  n/a  
  BD1       0137a    
LD01 obsolete none! LD01 cannot be reflashed

Older or Obsolete Devices

  2A0   2A0 48   0048    n/a   0149   J-NTK
  2A1   2A1 62   0a62    n/a   1a61t3   J-NTK
  2B0   2B0 48   0248    n/a   0349   J3
  2C0   2C0 62   0462     n/a   0561t1     J4  
  2E0   2E0 58   0858v1    n/a   0949   J3
v 1.5 obsolete none! The Version 1.5 cannot be reflashed
v 1.0 obsolete none! The Version 1.0 cannot be reflashed
5301 obsolete none! The 5300/5301 display cannot be reflashed

Display Note : The procedure for re-flashing displays is slightly different to WBo2 controllers. The display requires a small reflash adaptor as shown at right - part [PROGDSP]. The adaptor is usually supplied with new displays. The reflash procedure for displays is described in detail here.

Remember that a display should be disconnected from its controller when a controller is reflashed otherwise the display's configuration data may become corrupted, and the display will then require reflashing! The display adapter gets power from the white Molex connector (at the side, and connects to a PC via the large DB9 connector (at the front), the display connects to the black RJ45 connector (at the back).

Release Information

xx63 (Wideband, NTK) - Apr. '13 & Sept '17 (EE tables)

xx62d (Wideband) - Jan, Feb. '12

The controller update fixes the reported version number for the 2J9 controller. The 2J2 controller's firmware file now includes the text 2J2 (rather than 2J0). Note that 2J1 (ie. older 2J unit with integrated cable) may use the 2J2 firmware. Fixed the 2Y1 filename in this document (29 Feb '12).

Note that WButil should be updated to automatically recognise newer controllers (like the 2J9).

xx62 (Wideband) & 0139 (LD02B Display) - Sept. '10

The controller update is for various LSU 4.9 support (rev xx62 additions) and new/extra controllers:

The display update is for the LD02B. The LD02B adds four rectangular LEDs to indicate the current view

xx62 (Wideband) & xx38 (Displays) - Feb. '08

A release of updated firmware for newer Tech Edge controllers and displays. This release updates the available firmware to bring it in line with recently shipped units.

xx61 (LSU 4.9) & xx36 (Displays) - Feb '07

Some of our newer wideband controllers (3A/3E, 3B1, 3H1) now support the LSU 4.9 sensor which is quite different operationally to the LSU 4.0 and 4.2 sensors. Other new controllers (2J1), and existing controllers that we didn't have NTK firmware for (2A1), are also represented in this release. Full support for the LSU 4.9 and better support for the UEGO (NTK) sensor has forced us to update the display firmware as well.

0A08 (LSU 2A1) - 07 Dec '05

This release fixes the button press operation and other small bugs and should be applied ASAP. Note that you must use the new version (2.0 or greater) of the flash download utility for 2A1 support. Note also that the HXF file has a header dated October 13 '05 but the HXF file was made available on December 07 '05.

xx49 (NTK various) - 31 Aug '05

This applies to 2E0 and all models that support the NTK (aka UEGO) sensor. Support has been added for 2C0 & 2E0 we did not previously have an HXF file for. Note that we don't intend adding NTK support for 2D models.

xx48 (LSU various) - 14 Aug '05

We suggest you update your current firmware if you've ever seen your WBo2's red LED flash OFF sharply outside of the warmup period. This warning is also duplicated on the right decimal point (flashing ON) of LA1 and LD02 displays. The 48 release adds:

Note: a new release of LA1 and LD02 firmware (available mid August '05) will duplicate this single/double flashing behaviour onto the display's right most decimal point.