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        Updated Free-Air CALIBRATION utility here!

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The calibration utility (cal.exe) is used to make adjustments to software parameters that are stored in WBo2's private EE (Electrically Erasable) memory.

Free-Air Calibration

The primary WBo2 parameter to adjust is the free-air calibration point. This sets the unit to a known reference oxygen concentration that is assumed to be close to the earth's average ~20% value.

The following steps (powerup, open, initialize, adjust, update) are done in sequence.

  1. The WBo2 unit must be powered ON (use 12 Volts from a car battery or a quality 12 Volt 3 Amp bench supply) and the sensor sitting in free-air. Sensor must not be in an exhaust pipe as stale exhaust fumes can hang around for many hours and maybe days. The WBo2 red LED should have been ON solidly (not flashing) for at least 2 minutes before proceeding.

  2. Connect the WBo2 unit to your PC using the serial to RJ45 cable. Open an available COM Port selected from the drop down list.

  3. Then set the Initial Calibration Point from the {Last} value stored value in the unit, or use the preset value for the {7057}, or the {6066} sensor.

  4. Then Adjust the Calibration point by pressing the {Trace} button and observe in the results window how far Ipx is from its ideal free-air value of 8192. A green marker beside the adjustment button shows how the CAL value should be increased or decreased. The calibration value can be changed in three ways :

    a. Use the large slider at the right side of the window,
    b. Modify the number directly, or
    c.Nudge the number arrow buttons to the right of the number itself.

  5. Lastly Update the Calibration when the average has been adjust to show close to 0. Wait until the current trace has ended and then {Update} the adjusted value.

The Command section at top right allows commands recognised by the WBo2 unit to be directly executed. Simply type in the command and press Enter. The central main window (Debug section) shows the output of WBo2 executing the command. Care must be exercised as some commands may be irreversible. The {CLS} button clears the debug screen area.

Download Latest Installation file (, rev 0.1.b)

Here are the steps to get the WBo2 Calibration utility installation files. See the next section if you have previously downloaded a complete version.

Here is the superseded zip file - for reference only.

Download Latest Cal.exe program file (, rev 0.1.b)

If you downloaded a previous complete zip file installation, and installed it successfully, the most recent file can be downloaded from here. In this zip file will be the latest cal.exe file.

Here are the superseded zip files, - for reference only.

Note : Further WBo2 parameters will soon be adjustable. More info on calibration as the calibration utility is updated

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