WBo2 LD02 Engineering Changes/Fixes

The LD02 (and now LD02B) has always been available as a DIY kit (latest) & (original DIY). These engineering change notes may apply to any LD02 unit The actual LD02 PCB rev that is affected by each change will be clearly marked.

  • LD02 Rev-2 PCB (First DIY kit PCB)
  • Note : there was no released Rev-1 PCB

PCB Rev numbers

The PCB rev number is printed on the silkscreen side above the 4 digit LED module.

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LDR - Differences between some parts ...

Our LDR supplier changed the specifications on the LDRs they supplied us (they are not ISO-9000 accredited) without telling us. This means that some adjustments may be necessary to either EPROM setting or resistor R1.

This seems to have not been a problem for many people and the latest version of the DIY kit (the LD02B) now uses a two wire phototransistor device instead.