General Warranty Information

We stand behind the goods we manufacture and sell. We offer a 12 months return to base warranty. If you have a problem with something we sold you, and we cannot resolve the issue by email or over the phone, then we'll repair or replace the faulty goods as quickly as possible.

If the equipment is more than 12 months old and has a problem, or you purchased a second hand unit, we can advise, fix and in some cases offer an upgrade at a discounted price! We sometimes do this because its often a more economic solution to "upgrade" older equipment by replacement.

Peter Gargano, CEO
Tech Edge Pty. Ltd.

How to Get Your Unit Repaired/Replaced

We hope you don't have to use our warranty or repair service. If you find you have problems you need fixed, we apologise in advance for your troubles. We also hope to learn from each warranty case we handle, and ask that you provide as much feedback as possible so we can improve our products and services in the future.

After you have read the following information feel free to contact us for further information. For DIY kits, see the note below on DIY kit repairs.

All returns may be opened by the Australian Customs Service on re-entry to Australia. To make our life easier and your return hassle free (and with no added expenses), we ask you treat all returns, (either pre-built units or DIY kits), as warranty REPAIRS. See the note below for more information on addresing goods.

We continually update and enhance our product offering and we explicitly exclude, from our warranty procedures, returning a working "old model unit" for an upgrade.

Only in exceptional circumstances will we send replacement goods before we see your returned unit.

Return Procedure

There are a few things you must first do before returning any goods :

Return goods (AIR MAIL) to :
Tech Edge
37 Wentworth Ave.,


Tech Edge
37 Wentworth Ave.,

If you use an international courier, then make sure you label your goods properly and indicate it is a


If you don't so this, many couriers, including UPS & DHL, will automatically charge us a customs clearance fee at this end assuming the goods are new - we will pass this on to you!

Shipping Costs

We expect you to pay your own shipping costs to us, and if we find your problem is due to our negligence, we will pay for the return AIR MAIL shipping costs back to you. If there was no problem we will charge you the return shipping costs and a handling fee. In some circumstances we will re-imburse your return shipping costs.

DIY KITs - Repair Option (or not!)

Some of our products are available as DIY kits. DIY kits don't have any kind of warranty on the construction component that you supply yourself. But we do warrant that all the parts are supplied and they all work.

We once offered to fix DIY kits that didn't work for their constructor - but we don't guarantee this option (from 2016). So don't rely on us to restore a (possibly badly built) DIY kit to an as-new pristine condition. If it arrives here for us for inspection, and it's in a rough condition, we'll liaise with you to try to fix it and return it in substantially the condition we got it in.

The single most common problem with DIY kits is a poorly constructed cable between the WB unit and the sensor. Always take extra care to check and then double check cables. Remember that when testing WB units, they must run at around 12 Volts from a supply capable of up to 3 Amps while still maintaining a 12 Volt terminal voltage - check this if you are having troubles.