WBO2 Product Selector

We have so many controllers (and a few displays) that people don't know where to start. It's quite simple - decide what you want to do and select the most appropriate controller. All controllers and displays we currently manufacture are described briefly and compared below.

Controllers : 3B1 | 3H1 | 3A1, 3A2 | 3E1, 3E2 | 2J2/9 | 2C0 | 2D0, 2D1

Displays : LA1 | LD02 | LX1 | BD1 |     DIY Products : 2Y DIY | LD02 DIY

  • If price over performance is the criteria then get the small 2J2/9.
  • If you want the best single channel unit, get the full featured 3B1.
  • Similarly, for the best dual channel controller get the 3H1.
  • If value for money is important, get 3A1 (or 3A2 with USB) and a display, or
  • for an inbuilt display (but this can be inconvenient) get the 3E1 (or 3E2 with USB).
  • If USB and/or on-board logging is important then get the upgrade models 3A2 & 3E2.
  • If small size (but not on-board logging) are required then get the 2C0.
      The following are incomplete/specialist controllers ...
  • If you need an OEM lambda controller in your own product them see the 2D range.
  • If you want to DIY something then see the 2Y range, and the LD02 display.


3B1 - Single Channel

3B1 is our top-of-the-range controller. It's accuracy is on a par with units costing 3 to 5 times as much and will only be beaten by a lab quality unit. It uses all modern SMD construction (unlike the 2B0 it replaces) and has improved diagnostic information.

It comes with standard features like 6 analogue logging channels, 1 Mbyte of internal logging memory, 2 pulse measuring channels and of course a single Lambda (or AFR) channel. It has three analogue outputs and two (duplicated) RS232 outputs and a third low speed channel for future expansion.

3H1 - Dual Channel

3H1 is the our dual Lambda channel controller. It will control two LSU (or UEGO) sensors, including the newer LSU 4.9 sensors. It is only a little more expensive than the single channel 3B1 unit, but two sets of cables and sensors add to the price. It shares many of the features of the 3B1 and also has modern SMD construction.

3A1, 3A2, 3E1 & 3E2 - Single Channel

3A/3E is a range of controllers sharing the same base set of features built into an economy ABS plastic case. Options are (i) onboard-logging with USB and (ii) an inbuilt display. The A models are the basic controller. The E models add a display but are essentially identical. The 3A1/3E1 do not have any internal logging memory but they have analogue inputs and can log to a PC or other device with RS232. The 3A2/3E2 models add 1 Mbyte of on-board non-volatile logging memory for storage of data, and they have a USB device port for fast transfer of all logged data.

Although the 3A2 can be thought of as the economy model of the 3B1 (it shares most features) 3A2 adds USB which 3B1 doesn't have. The 3E models, with their large inbuilt displays are very cost effective but can be more inconvenient than the 3A used with an external display.

2J2 - Low Cost, full feature

2J2/9 is the lowest price controller we've produced to date - in fact lower than we had been selling our DIY kits for. We cut the price through SMD construction and using fewer parts than our other models. It still does most things the others do, including inbuilt logging channels.

This is our economy model, and it can be teamed up with one of our displays - the small sized LX1 makes a good match. 2J2/9's software DAC has about 9.5 bits of accuracy compared with our other models' 12 bit hardware DAC. You'll find the 2J is more accurate, and has more features, than our competitor's units that are similarly priced or even more expensive. In pure display mode the 2J1 is about as accurate as out more expensive models.

2C0B - Small, Quality, Simple

2C0B is an update (extra inputs and black case) to our first miniature professional controller and has performed well for the last couple of years. It lacks some of the extra features found in the other larger controllers, but it does NOT lack accuracy (12 bit hardware DAC). It has no on-board logging memory. We designed it to be small and accurate, and that's what it is!

We recently reduced its price to bring it into line with other models we sell.

O E M   &   D I Y

2D0, 2D1 - OEM

The 2D0 2D1 controllers are not for everyone. They are NOT packaged ready to use like our other controllers.

This is our OEM controller. We designed it for people to integrate into their own equipment. We didn't cut corners and we offer now it in two basic models. The original 2D0 and the newer and slightly smaller 2D1 which replaces 2D0's through-hole component technology for SMD construction.

We know that some people prefer the more readily repairable 2D0, but other prefer the reliability of SMD construction. We offer both for the same price, although the 2D1 offers more features if you also data log because it adds extra inputs the 2D0 doesn't have.

2Y - DIY

DIY-2Y is our current DIY unit. The original 2A0, 2A1 and 2E0 are no longer available. DIY (= Do-It-Yourself) means you build it from a set of parts and instructions, saving money. Forget it unless you do this sort of thing all the time - assembly and expertise is required in large measures! We have recently reduced their price to be more competitive with our other pre-built units.

Despite our low cost pre-built units, these controllers still sell well because they have many features like inbuilt logging of analogue signals and an rpm channel.

Many 2Y kits have been sucessfully built but do NOT buy it because you know someone you think's good with a soldering iron - this is best left to people who can build it themselves. It will takeseveral


LA1 - Circular LED

LA1 is a 2-1/8" (52 mm) circular display that can be programmed to display up to 4 different "views", with two different values capable of being displayed at once on the digital and the bar-graphs segments. LA1 uses 30 bi-colour LEDs around the outside for better resolution than most displays.

The two buttons are used to change the displayed view and to stop and start on-board logging on those controllers that support this feature.

The LA1 has similar functionality, but is newer, than the LD02 display. LA1 has a circular 30 segments whereas LD02 has just 20.

LD02 - Standard LED

LD02 is available as both a pre-built ready to use display or as a DIY kit (Do-It-Yourself - see the DIY warning in the 2A0 section above). This is our basic LED display and the display many people choose because it's easy to mount, easy to see, and is relatively cheap.

The major question we get asked is "can I hook this display up to a wideband sensor". The answer is yes, but ONLY via one of our controllers! This display cannot display anything useful unless it's used with one of out wideband controllers itemised above.

LX1 - LCD, big size, small package

LX1 display uses backlit LCD technology and has similar functionality to LD02, but is smaller, lighter and easier to read in direct sunlight. This is the display you need on motorbike (it's not waterprrof though).

BD1 - It's Just BIG

BD1 display is a much larger version of the LD02 - over 15 times the viewing area. Also it has 32 LED superbright "bars" whereas LD02 has just 20.

This is the display you use in a dyno situation, and attach it to the wall. \ BD1 will self power when connected to most Tech Edge controllers.


We have other controllers, displays, logging devices, and other products in the works for 2009 (and beyond). These including CAN, USB (and other output) wideband devices, muli-display devices, and multi-channel logging devices.

Custom Designs are Possible

Still not happy? We do design and manufacture specials for individual customers. Contact us, but remember we do custom controllers on the basis of an up front design fee and a per unit cost. We'll do the work, but you take the credit, and make the $$$s!