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Professional Quality Wideband - Controller, Sensor, Cables & Display

Most combinations of controller sensor, cable, and display can be selected here (except 3H1, 2J (see below) & 2Y DIY unit.

Buy with & cable for & display.

Complete Unit LSU Sensor Cable Display

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Economy 2J2/2J9 Low Cost, High Function, Wideband Controller

Note : a controller to LSU cable is included as well as a power and RS232 cable (for reflashing and real-time logging). The 2J range is our economy model. It is as accurate and compares in price to similar low cost models from other vendors. 2J has been built down to a price and for professional applications we recommend our professional range above. The 2J2 supports the 7200/7057 LSU 4.2 sensor. The 2J9 supports the 17023/17025 LSU 4.9 sensor.

Buy and display.

2J2/9 with cables (+ sensor?) Display

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Dual Channel 3H1

Buy 3H1 & (x2), & (x2) cables & display.

Dual Channel Unit & misc. parts 2 x LSU Sensors 2 x Cables Display

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Wideband Display (requires a controller)

These digitally connected displays work with our controllers and may be configured to show various logged data.

Buy display for use with a wideband controller
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Bosch LSU 4.0/4.2/4.9 & Other Sensors

Our controllers work with Bosch LSU sensors but we also sell the Bosch LSM-11 that works with other controllers. See the Note (*) above about the 7057 being replaced by the 7200.

Buy wideband LSU 5 wire sensor
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Note: The LSM11 (below) is a narrowband sensor used in some older "wideband" controllers.
Tech Edge does NOT sell a controller that works with the LSM-11.

Controller to Sensor cables - Select: Length & Sensor type

Available in standard lengths and with various sensor connectors. These cables have our circular 8-pin connector at one end. Bosch sells some LSU sensors that we do NOT have a connector for.

Buy cable for sensor
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DIY Controller & cable kits - 2Y2 now available! (assembly required)

You can save yourself some money by building some of our models from a DIY (Do It Yourself) kit. You need to have certain skills before attempting these kits.

with cable kit and connector kit. With and sensor.

DIY WBo2 kit Cable Length sensor connector kit DIY Display with Sensor

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DIY Displays & other DIY Parts (assembly required)

Here are just the DIY displays. Look for some DIY cable and spare parts too.

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Connectors for: Sensors, plug-in, RS232, etc.

Buy connector
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