WBo2 3E1/3E2 Wideband with Display

WBo2 version 3E1 and 3E2 units, introduced in November 2006, are feature and performance upgrades of the older 2E0 unit. The 3E1/2 units are equivalent to the 3A1/2 units with the addition of an inbuilt display. The 3A and 3E units even share the same label.

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Tech Edge  3E1/3E2 Features

  • Inbuilt 4 digit display (this is the primary difference with the 3A1/2).
  • Accuracy within 0.1 AFR (Lambda +/- 0.005).
  • 10.5 to 19.5 Volt DC operation (up to 3 Amps).
  • Uses LSU 4.0/4.2 (Bosch 6066/7057 family) or NTK (L1H1/L2H2) sensor.
  • WBlin Configurable wideband 5 Volt output (12 bit accuracy).
  • SVout for LD01 display (10 bit configurable too).
  • NBsim narrowband (10 bit configurable too).
  • 3 analogue 0 to 5 Volt inputs sampled at up to 40/sec.
  • 4 thermocouple inputs (can be converted to analogue inputs).
  • RPM input from Tacho or ECU for logging.
  • PULSE input from VSS sensor or cruise control for logging.
  • ALARM output with configurable software triggers, for shift lights, buzzers etc.
  • 5 volt output for powering external sensors such as MAP or TPS.
  • Auto-cal button, one-touch calibration (with sensor in free-air).
  • Free logging software (optional extra feature upgrade available).

3E2 also includes logging and USB options :

  • USB Full-Speed (12b/s) virtual serial port - designed for modern laptop computers without RS232 ports. 100% compatible with existing PC software.
  • On-board 1 M Byte logging memory downloads via USB and RS232 channels to PC.

Note that the display on the 3E units is a simplified version of the LD02 display and it does not have some of configuration facilities available on that unit. An external display can be connected to the 3E unit.

More Information ...

The 3A and 3E are equivalent except for the 4 digit inbuilt display of the 3E. Both units are described in the 3A1/3A2 & 3E1/3E2 common description page.