WBo2 2Y Connector Summary

Y3 Connector

Front side of 2Y, 10 pin connector (3.81mm pitch).

  • The WBlin-GND jumper-shunt J2 is described in detail here. An external wire link between Y3 pin-5 and Y3 pin-6 may be used in place of J2.

  • The three outputs WBlin, SVout and NBsim outputs are fully independent and their Voltage/Lambda output curve can be 100% re-programmed with WButil's output programming function.

  • The V4 IN input cannot be used as a 7th input. It is intended to be used as the only analog input if a simplified version of 2Y is built without end connector Y2.

  • The external logger button circuitry duplicates the function of the PB0 button.

  • The Y1B RJ45 socket duplicates the Y1A socket at the right end of the case.

Y2 Connector

Left end of 2Y 8 pin connector (5.08mm pitch).

  • The Y2 connector is numbered counter intuitively from right to left.

  • The thermistor T1 is shown here because it is physically close to the connector (so as to be close in temperature).

Y1A, Y5 & Y4 Connectors

Right end of 2Y RJ45, Circular 8-pin, Molex™ 2-pin.

  • The Y1A RJ45 socket duplicates the Y1B socket at front side of the case.

Go here for the 2Y User Manual (html version). Here is the schematic page. More kit information here.

Further Information

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