WBo2 2JP Wideband Unit (2014)

WBo2 version 2JP, (re)-introduced in October 2014, is Tech Edge's economy semi-professional(*1), single-channel, wideband controller in a diecast case. The metal case with seals makes is semi-waterproof (although we don't suggest you get it wet).

Unlike other 2J models, for attachement to the sensor, the 2JP uses a standard Tech Edge professional cable with a circular 8-pin connector end. 2JP uses a 5-pin circular connector that carries power/GND, WBlin +/- and and RPM input. Serial comms to a PC is provided by a standard DB9 connector shown on the right of the case, An RS232 to RJ45 adaptor is required to use one of the standard Tech Edge displays.

(*1 note) Our 2C0B is a more accurate (12 bit hardware DAC output), faster response, but more expensive wideband controller. 2C0B also includes two analog as well as RPM and VSS inputs. Our 3A, 3B and 3E models have more inputs again, and some of these models have internal logging memory (although all models collect and stream data continually).

  • Reads from λ = 0.61 (AFR = 9.0) to free-air.
  • Within +/- 0.1 from AFR 11 to 17 (unleaded).
  • Differential WBlin wideband 0-5 Volt output.
  • Bosch LSU 4.0*/4.2 & LSU 4.9 compatible(*).
  • WBlin configurable from AFR=9.0 to free-air.
  • Auto-cal button calibration with sensor in free-air.
  • RPM input from Tacho or ECU for logging.
  • 10.5 to 19.5 Volt DC operation (up to 3 Amps starting current).
  • Free logging software (optional upgrade available).
  • Fibreglass covered cable available in length up to 8.0m (over 26').
  • has RS232 output for no loss of wideband accuracy.

Here are some features missing from the 2JP - the 2J2/9 unit does have these:

  • PULSE input (or VSS).

The controller PCB may actually have these functions implimented, but there is no external connector to bring these functions to the outside. However, the DB9 connector has some spare pins, so it is possible for a user to add this functionality (say connect Vss to DB-9 pin?).

Buy the 2JP Configured as Follows

2JP unit with sensor, cable for and display.

2JP complete LSU Sensor LSU/2JP cable Display

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Note: The 2JP needs a cable between itself and the selected sensor - different sensors have different connectors (and therefore use different cables). Cables are available in various lengths up to 8.0 m. 2JP controllers come with power & RS232 cables and a display adapter (DB9 to RJ45 "dongle") but a display is optional.

2JP Images & Technical Info.

Image at left shows the case's left end and the two circular connectors. Note the 8-pin circular connector's locking ring has not been tightened. Below is the right end of the case showing the DB9 connector.

This document is being updated in October 2014. For more information, as the 2J2/9 is similar electrically, go to the 2J2/9 technical reference page.