WBo2 2J9 Wideband Unit (2011)

WBo2 version 2J9, introduced in January 2011, is Tech Edge's economy semi-professional, single-channel, wideband controller.

The 2J9 is designed for the newer and BETTER LSU-4.9 sensor.

Internally the 2J9 is identical to the 2J2 controller except for these two differences:

  1. The LSU-jumper is set for the LSU-4.9 sensor
  2. The controller is flashed for the LSU-4.9 sensor (ie. it uses the HXF file for the LSU-4.9)
You can also buy our more expensive (but still economy design) 2JP controller in a diecast case.

Because the only difference between the 2J2 and the 2J9 is the use of the better LSU-4.9 sensor, please go to the 2J2/9 page for further technical information. The rest of this document is specifically for the 2J9 version of the 2J controller.

Why Use the LSU-4.9 Sensor?

  1. The manufacturing technology for the LSU-4.9 is built on the manufacturing experience of the LSU-4.2 so it's certainly built "better" than the older LSU-4.2 sensor.

  2. The LSU-4.9 is a newer sensor. It will come down in price faster than the LSU-4.2 because Bosch wants to phase out the 4.2 sensors - Bosch force this situation by NOT discounting old products they still manufacture. For example the LSU-4.0 (6066) is now more expensive than the newer LSU-4.2 sensor. And, the old and venerable LSM-11 narrowband sensor is more expensive again.

  3. The LSU-4.9 is designed specifically to work well with diesels engines as well as being a generic replacement for the LSU-4.2 sensor. The requirement is that impurities from diesels are burnt off, or prevented from contaminating the sensor. This obviously means the LSU-4.9 will be more robust in a petrol (gasoline) engines too.

  4. LSU-4.9 is specified to work at even richer values than the LSU-4.2 sensor. This means that properly designed controllers will be more accurate at measuring rich values (as well as accurately measuring lean values).

Buy the 2J9 Configured as Follows

Note : all necessary Cables are included with the 2J9 (here for an image) - they include the wideband-to-sensor cable and the RS232-PC cable for logging and reflashing. If you buy a display it will connect directly into the end of the 2J9.

Buy & display.

2J9/2 with cables (+ sensor?) Display

When you purchase the 2J9, no printed manual is provided, however you can print the information linked below, although some of the animated graphic information will be lost.

We advise that you read the user manual, before ordering the 2J9, to make sure it will suit your application.

The technical documentation or user manual for the 2J9 is integrated into the 2J9/2 page found here.

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2J9 has only two RS232 ports, newer laptops may have only have USB ports. This items adds an RS232 port via an external USB dongle.

There are two LSU 4.9 sensor options available from us. We recommend the less expensive bulk packaged 17123 sensor (Bosch part #0-258-017-123) with a 0.33m lead. There is also the more expensive 17025 (#0-258-017-025) which has a longer lead (0.83m) and comes in its own box but is otherwise the same sensor at a higher price!.

2J9 Connection overview

Remember that the 2J9 works with the LSU-4.9 sensor. Here are the difference between a 2J9 compared with the 2J9:

  • Controller-to-sensor cable is for the LSU-4.9 sensor and is longer (1.7m) so make the total controller to sensor length the same for the LSU-4.2 and LSU-4.9 sensors.
  • Controller flashed with the LSU-4.9 HXF file.
  • Internal jumper is in the LSU-4.9 position.

Go here for the technical manual for the 2J9/2.