WBo2 2DP Prebuilt Pro. Wideband

              From March 2011.

The 2DP is Tech Edge's professional quality pre-built wideband product for Bosch LSU (5 wire) sensors. It is based on the SMD 2D1 OEM unit.

2DP is designed for applications that require a fully operational professional unit ready-to-go. It comes in a diecast and water resistant case and has options for a number of interfaces including 4-20mA and 0-5 Volt wideband Lambda and percentage oxygen.

Tech Edge  2DP Features

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Connection Overview for 2DP

The image at right shows how 2DP is connected to other wideband components to make a usable system. Each component (clockwise from top left) is described below:

  • A standard 8-pin circular connector is used to connect to a standard Tech Edge controller-to-sensor cable which is available in various standard length.

  • Two Bosch sensor families are supported - the newer LSU-4.9 and the older LSU-4.2 sensor.

  • A DB-15 (male) connector (top right) provides optional I/O and includes the 4-20 mA current loop output and user inputs. It also carries a connection for the autocal button.

  • A DB-9 (female) provides an RS232 connection to a PC or other logging or display device. To use a standard Tech Edge display, a special DB9-to-RJ45 display-adaptor is required (this is shown far right).

  • A 5-pin circular connector carries the power/GROUND input and the wideband output (WBlin+/WBlin-) and also an (optional) RPM input.

  • Between the two circular connector is a 3-Amp fuse.

Dimensions: The diecast case itself is 120x100x36 but the connectors at each end add a further few tens of mm.

The following sections are being updated (25 Feb 2011)

We hope to have a complete description of the 2DP controller available by Mar 01 2011. Note that as of December 2010 Tech Edge has already sold a number of these controllers to various businesses that needed a solution matching 2DP's capabilities.

Further Technical Information

Please advise us (see link at foot of this page) if you need more technical information, or if any of this information appears unclear or inaccurate.