WBo2 2A0/2A1 DIY Kit

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In early 2008 the 2Y DIY controller, which is available ONLY in DIY form, replaced the 2A0/2A1 DIY kits.

In December 2006 Tech Edge introduced the 3A1 & 3A2 models as replacements for the pre-built versions of the 2A0 & 2A1.

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Buy the 2A0/2A1 DIY kit - Not Available - Buy the 2Y

As this is no longer available, please refer to the newer kit - the 2Y DIY unit.

Please note that, although most 2A0/2A1 parts are available, we do not sell complete kits and we will normally ONLY sell replacement parts to constructors who have previously purchased a complete 2A0 or 2A1 DIY kit.

Note: A functional DIY unit needs (i) a controller, (ii) a cable from the controller to the sensor connector, (iii) a connector to the sensor, (iv) and the sensor itself. A display, while convenient, is not essential.