Some WBo2 parts may get damaged or need replacement over the life of the unit. This page shows where you can get some of these items direct from a retailer. In some cases we sell the same, or similar parts, but it may be inconvenient for you to get them from us.

If you have suggestions for parts not shown, or updates or alternatives, then contact me please.

Remember, we don't endorse these suppliers, nor their products, and in many cases the information has not been directly verified but has been supplied in good faith by people just like yourself.

Radio Shack # 274-025 8 pin circular connector, suits WBo2 cable end (from Radio Shack).
Heat Shrink Tubing Radio Shack # 278-1627 Heatshrink Tubing, various diameters (from Radio Shack).
VW Part # 1J0-973-7337057 Connector shell (from Impex)
VW Part # 000-979-133-A 7057 connector terminals (x2) at each end of a single wire (from Impex)
VW Part # 357-972-741-A 7057 connector seal/grommet (from Impex)

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