October 2014 - Non-Secure Ordering NOW works !!!

This website wbo2.com has been re-hosted and we're still getting the secure part of the shopping cart working (our hosting service has just informed us that Perl scripts must be changed to PHP scripts!_ We apologise for the loss of security in shopping cart (but it does work). We're working on updating our scripts and hope to have them completed before 20 October 2014. If you need to order and you're paying by PayPal or bank deposit, then the order system will work just fine. If you wish to pay by card, until we integrate this with PayPal, you can use our NEW secure form to enter your card details.

To order manually send an email to wbo2.com@gmail.com (we use this gmail address because it avoids a lot of spam that we'd otherwise get!

Wideband Lambda/AFR (λ) controllers for diverse applications

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18 October 2014 - NEW Secure Page Working

Please note: - The WBo2 (Tech Edge) website is a work in progress during October 2014. As of 18th Oct we have a new secure page where on-line card-payment customers can enter their information securly - see (*) below.

The shopping cart is working as of 14 October 2014 (and we have almost fixed the confirmation email of your order), and on-line orders can be made. However, until we update all scripts, orders will not use the secure HTTPS/SSL protocol meaning that you should NOT enter you card details in the "normal" non-secure form, but if you wish to pay using PayPal (where you can use a card securely) or bank deposit then there is no security issue. By 20 Oct 2014 we hope to have secure card ordering working!

(*) To send us your card information securly use our NEW secure form.

For some time we have been preparing to move to Coffs Harbour and have publicly stated that we were NOT going to move. But all things change, and as business conditions change here in Australia, we are taking the opportunity to move to a warmer climate. This move will also allow us to pursue new business opportunities both locally and internationally. Here's where we are right now in the ACT. Here's where we we are moving to in NSW.

We had previously stated that Coffs Harbour was so humid for several months of the year that it made it a challenge to keep precision electronic and mechanical manufacturing equipment in service during that humid period. Well, we've decided that with solar panels and air-conditioning (mainly to control humidity levels) we can justify the much nicer location between Sydney and Brisbane.

In 2013 we started working on more accurate wideband and logging equipment with better connectivity. Because of the difficulty of hiring appropriate staff, we have had to put some of these tasks on-hold but in 2014 we hope to make lots of changes and introduce new products later in 2014 and 2015.

We appreciate your feedback which you can provide using the link at the bottom of most pages from this website.

3B1 - Pro

3H1 - Dual

3A/3E - Std.

2J2/9 - budget

2C0 - bike?

2D0/1 OEM


LA1 Circular

LD02 - Std.



LD02 - DIY

LSU Sensor


Tech Edge designs, develops, manufacturers and sells a range of professional, and DIY products. This is our website devoted to our Lambda (λ or AFR) measuring instruments.

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