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Wideband Lambda/AFR (λ) controllers for diverse applications


Some EMAIL Problems (hopefully temporary)

Tech Edge is migrating to a new email host. This may cause our normal contact addresses to be unstable in early to mid June 2013.

If your email to any bounces then please send it again to our temporary (and now backup) email address:

Just remember that it's wbo2 not wb02 - better to click on the link above, or copy and paste.

June/July 2013 - 10 Years Old!

Tech Edge's first digital wideband controller, the 2A0 turns 10 years old in July. There are still a lot of these units out there operating nicely and accurately - we know this from happy feedback we regularly get. We hope to have some kind of celerbration of our successful products that everyone can benefit from!

Now We're Not Moving! ...

Tech Edge was planning to move from our current location in Australia's Capital city (Canberra) to Coffs Harbour. Even if you don't believe in climate change, it's certainly been very wet where we were going to move to (eg. in two successive days in late May this year we received the annual average rainfall for the whole of May and June, almost half of Canberra's annual rainfall). Also, our manufacturing equipment (yes, we manufacture on-site!) is not tolerant of high humidity. In short, we have decided to remain at our current dry & not-very-humid location for the forseable future. Our street address will change (we're located on a corner, so have two possible addresses) but apart from that, and some new products we're working on, nothing much has changed.

3B1 - Pro

3H1 - Dual

3A/3E - Std.

2J2/9 - budget

2C0 - bike?

2D0/1 OEM


LA1 Circular

LD02 - Std.



LD02 - DIY

LSU Sensor


Tech Edge designs, develops, manufacturers and sells a range of professional, and DIY products. This is our website devoted to our Lambda (λ or AFR) measuring instruments.

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