October 2017 - Wbo2.com - Secure (https://) website Ordering is working

We have moved from Aranda (ACT) to Coffs Harbour (northern NSW) in late June 2017. It was just 800 km, but it's been complicated (!)

Wideband Lambda/AFR (λ) controllers for diverse applications

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WBo2.com (Tech Edge) website has been re-hosted

Nov. 2017 : We have decommissioned the support-forum wbo2forum.com - this will be replaced by http://forum.wbo2.com soon(-ish)

Oct. 2017 : We have started working on our next generation wideband unit(s) - with faster, more capable processors. Expect some updated products in Q2 2018. We're excited!

Jul. 2017 : As we have moved, make sure you have our latest contact details!

2016 : The WBo2 (Tech Edge) website is 99% working with our new fast Linux server with https:// for all secure functions (via my own-branded https://petergargano.com website). I'm updating the cart and ordering process but not promising when this will be finished.

Tech Edge (wbo2.com) has moved

Tech Edge has moved but we still have some of our equipment at our old address.

Here's where we were in the ACT (Aranda).

Here's where we moved to in NSW (Coffs Harbour).

Shortages 2017

We were caught short with our LA1 when our case manufacturer went out of business then our LED manufacturer said they couldn't produce a three colour next-generation LED module for us. So, my apologies for not having a circular display to offer you until we can organise all of these things with different manufacturers.

Future Products 2018+

In 2013 we started working on more accurate wideband and logging equipment with better connectivity. Because of the difficulty of hiring appropriate staff, we have had to put some of these tasks on-hold but in 2018 we hope to make lots of changes and introduce new products.

We appreciate your feedback which you can provide using the link at the bottom of most pages from this website.

3B1 - Pro

3H1 - Dual

3A/3E - Std.

2J2/9 - budget

2C0 - bike?

2D0/1 OEM


LA1 Circular

LD02 - Std.



LD02 - DIY

LSU Sensor


Tech Edge designs, develops, manufacturers and sells a range of professional, and DIY products. This is our website devoted to our Lambda (λ or AFR) measuring instruments.

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